Home of the Brave

Is America still the home of the brave?

Yes, Yes it is.

I will admit that she lacks the luster and shine of years past. America also lacks the brave hero's that walked her streets in the recent past. Not the sensational hero's that are portrayed in TV or the movies but the everyday hero's that make up the heart and soul of America.

Are you the pillar of the community? Are you the person people come to in times of trouble? When someone is in need, do they seek you out? I hope so.

Being brave does not mean invincible or unerring or even perfect. It just means that you are willing to fight for the right things. It means that you are willing to stand up and be counted when things get tough. You will not shrink into the background when the situation becomes uncomfortable.

Being brave also means that you have integrity and character. That you can be trusted, with a little or a lot. That you are a man of your word.

My father is that kind of man. He is willing to listen, then say no. He has had to make many difficult decisions in the past. Some he would like to forget and some great decisions. He is a brave man because when he faced a difficult decision he did not back away from it. He took it head on and made the best of what ever happened. He never gave up. He always did the right thing.

There are other men like this in America, lots of them. Probably you are one of them.

I'm asking you to show it, by taking your family to do something, instead of watching TV. Run around the block and lose that extra 40 lbs. Eat a salad once in a while, instead of the manly burger. Cut back on beer and excesses. Get back into your fighting shape. At work, do the 10% more. Be 5 minutes early. Smile and get to work.

The land of the brave is made up of you and me. Lets be the examples for the kids of this generation. Always think that someone is watching and be a manly man of discipline and honor.

Maybe then... We (men) will not be characterized by the insane world of TV where every man is an idiot, drunk, womanizer or cheat. And, everyone else will see us in the same light that we see ourselves in the Land of the Brave.

Posted via email from AndyWergedal