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Job seekers sometimes tell me that they’re actively looking for a job, but they haven’t seen anything online for a week or two, and they feel like their job search is becoming stagnant. This can be a very frustrating situation when you’re in desperate need of work. What can you do to move your job search forward when there doesn’t seem to be anything appropriate available?

Update your LinkedIn profile
Many people create LinkedIn profiles but never really take the time to add any detail to them while they’re employed—after all, you’re busy with your job! Updating your profile and looking for new contacts is a great way to spend your time when you’re not seeing any job openings. It allows recruiters and hiring managers to find you. It can also alert old friends and colleagues that you’re searching for new opportunities.

Take a professional looking headshot
You don’t have to pay an actual professional photographer to take your photo (although you can), but you do need to have something professional looking to use on LinkedIn and your other social networking profiles. Dress the way you would for a typical day at work—or better—and find a nice neutral background when you pose for your photos.

Complete an online profile at your favorite companies
Some online application systems allow you to create a profile on their candidate management systems without applying for a specific position. If you’re interested in a particular company, but don’t see an appropriate opening there right now, creating your online profile in their system can save you time when the right position does come along.

Read trade publications
Many local libraries subscribe to publications like the Financial Times or Business Week. For the cost of a few hours of your time, you can keep abreast of recent trends in your field and keep your mind actively thinking about the professional world.

Adjust, tweak and readjust your resume
Do just that. Revamp your resume, rework it and customize it so when the right opportunities come along you are more than ready.

There will be times when you may not see many appropriate job openings posted. Rather than wasting time applying for jobs that aren’t a great fit, fill your days making yourself the best candidate when the right job does become available.

We also realize that online job searching is not the only way to find positions and we encourage you to network, network, network as word-of-mouth referrals are extremely more effective at landing you a new position. Our suggestions are merely that, additional suggestions that invest time into your job search and make you the best possible candidate you can be.

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