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During the past couple months, the folks at Brazen Careerist have been compiling an eBook designed to help young job-seekers overcome the hurdles of finding mentors. The chapters in this book come from some of the top human-resource bloggers on the web — big thinkers and do-ers and people whom the folks at Brazen look to for trends in hiring.


Some topics these leaders cover include …

Marketing Yourself Based on the Value You Will Bring

Your value proposition has to be out there, consistent and recognizable to all that see or hear about it. If your mom, spouse, best friend and dog can’t explain what you can do in 20 seconds, go back to the drawing board to figure out how to better communicate your employment value. ~ Lance Haun,

How to Build the Relationships that Matter

You don’t have to attend stuffy association meetings to network. Some of the best conversations I’ve had were with people at social events or just hanging out with other professionals. When people are relaxed, they’re willing to share. You don’t become another face in the crowd. Relationships start to form. ~ Sharlyn Lauby, HR Bartender

Why a Job is NOT What Ultimately Will Make You Happy

Unfortunately, the trick to getting a job is actually surviving the job search and realizing that it’s just a job. If your life lacks meaning, a cubicle and a tacky ‘business casual’ wardrobe from the local mall won’t add depth and value to your
life. ~ Laurie Ruettimann, Punk Rock HR

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