Job Search With Your Mobile Phone With Hire-A-Droid [Android]

android job searchLately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the future, the job market, and what opportunities exist today given all of the economic, social and business changes throughout the world. Old powerhouse industries of “industrialized” countries of the Western World all seem to be gravitating to countries with a lower cost workforce and fewer regulations.

At the same time, the globalization of almost every major industry, combined with the overwhelming adoption and integration of the Internet throughout almost all markets, is creating more and more unique opportunities that never existed even a decade ago. In other words, the world is changing around you, and unless you’re proactive and take the bull by the horns – the opportunities this “new world” presents will pass you by. One of the easiest ways to identify and capture new opportunities is by staying on top of the job market for your skills and professional experience.

Here at MUO, we’ve covered some of the most popular online resources for job hunting. Charnita listed 8 great job search tools, and I wote a review of the 10 best job search websites. The problem with using the Internet for job hunting is that you’re usually blocked (or discouraged) from doing this kind of activity from where you work during the day, and you may not have the time to job search when you’re home. One solution is to take advantage of mobile job search tools so that you can hunt for new job opportunities while you’re riding the subway or the bus, or you’re sitting in the waiting room.

Conduct an Android Job Search

After numerous unpaid furloughs and forced “vacation management,” I started exploring the job market to see how much things have changed over the past decade or so. Not only did I discover new exciting opportunities, but thanks to the explosion of the Internet, but I also discovered an awesome mobile tool on the Android Market for job hunting called Hire A Droid.

This is quite the little powerhouse, because it hunts through multiple job search engines and returns all of the results to you to review and apply for. The search screen is very intuitive and even offers operator buttons like “AND”, “OR” and “NOT” to aid you in stringing together effective search queries.  You can choose from any one of 18 countries to perform your search.

android job search

Best of all, this job search app lets you save your previous search queries so that if you search for the same keywords every day (as most people do), this feature will let you conduct the same search with a single click.

android job search

The search listings that Hire A Droid turns up is pretty comprehensive, coming from major job search resources like LinkUp, SimplyHired, Indeed and CareerBuilder. When you want to save time by hunting for jobs across a wide range of sources, this is the app that you’ll want. Where other mobile job search apps turn up no results, Hire A Droid will often turn up listings.

mobile job search

Almost every search I tried turned up at least some listings, and a lot depends on the area that you’re searching as well. Within each listing you’ll see the job title, date posted, the company name and the location. If you want some more details, just click once 0n any of the job ads and it’ll drop down with more information.

mobile job search

When you click on any of the extended details, you’ll end up on the application page for that employer. This page may look different for every job listing. You’ll typically always see a detailed review of the position. Additionally you’ll usually have several application options available. For example, in one case I found an ad that lets you email the listing to yourself or to a friend, or you have the opportunity to instantly submit your resume for the job.

mobile job search

In another listing, I was whisked to a page that looked pretty much like the employer website, but contained within the Hire-A-Droid app. Even in this case, there was the option to either apply immediately while online, or email the listing. In most cases you will probably want to just email the listing to yourself so that you can apply once you’re home and back at your computer.

Obviously, Hire A Droid is easily the best choice of any available mobile job search app in the Android market because it covers so many job search engines at once. Many people swear by their favorite job search engine, but if you use Hire-A-Droid where you can search them all, you’ve got all of your bases covered.

Do you know of any other useful mobile job search apps? If you use any, do you apply straight from the phone or wait until you’re home and on your computer? Share your insight and experiences in the comments section below.

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