Job Search Advice Worth Repeating - Secrets of the Job Hunt Career Podcast

As I dig through blogs and filter through tweets I am looking for original ideas. How can I put a fresh spin on something that's been said one thousand times by hundreds of experts? The answer certainly
isn't easy. Maybe it is enough to just repeat the message. They say
that an adult learner needs to hear something about seven times before
they actually hear it.

But perhaps there is a lesson in this. Job seekers should remember this too.


The news about your quest for a new job shouldn't be treated like a hot potato. In other words, don't blast the message out just once and think you've done your part. Just because you've told your network once what you are looking for, doesn't mean they'll remember it.


If you've created a target list of people and companies to connect with, dive-bombing to meet with them once isn't enough. Maintain contact. Pepper them with meaningful followup. Be a nurturer.

TESTING 1, 2, 3

Near the end of the interview make sure they know you are qualified. Ask the interviewer if there is anything on your resume that they have questions about or if there is anything they think you may be lacking to be seen a a top candidate for the position.


When leaving a voice mail message clearly state your name at the beginning and remind the listener at the end by repeating your name and telephone number.

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