Who is Your Buyer

Me Again I know this sounds a bit crazy, but do you spend a lot of time thinking of your buyer, of your ideal customer? Do you spend your time thinking about how to satisfy her business needs? Do you think about solving her problems in new and helpful ways? Are you so totally into your clients and your new prospects that you spend sleepless nights thinking about them?

Every time I walk through an airport, I think of GoToMeeting, one of our clients at New Marketing Labs. I think of new ways to help them with Workshifting and the like. I think of SAS and their social media analytics tool, and wonder what else we can do to promote it. I think about how to help promote Edison Research and their Twitter Usage in America report.

Those people (and several more) are my clients at New Marketing Labs.

I also think about you, the professional in smaller and midsized businesses. I think about the people that John Jantsch and Becky McCray serve.

I think about my buyers and clients all the time. I think about my would-be customers all the time.

Do I Think About My Competitors?

Not very often, no. Know why? Because what will that get me? Yes, I can see if any of their offerings are better than my offerings, but then, I create my offerings for my buyers, so why would I try to copy their offerings, which are for their buyers?

I think of ways to get people to say yes. I think of ways to get the people who’ve said yes to be happier. I sometimes actually even ask the people who say yes to me what they think (crazy, I know).

Which Do You Think Gets You More Business?

That’s the question.

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