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We get asked a lot to help with interview technique. The things you should do and shouldn't do when preparing for an interview.  Here are a few tips and tricks outlining what not to do for your interview:

Turn up late

Never turn up to an interview late.  Imagine you are the interviewer for a moment. If you were kept waiting by someone you have never met before and by someone who is meant to be trying to ‘win’ the job – would you be impressed by their lateness? Turning up late will reflect badly on you as it suggests that you are disorganized and bad at time keeping – which can be important qualities for certain roles.

Waffle or talk too much

Talking non stop in an interview is a bad move. This is bad interview technique. No-one wants to be talked at! An interview is a two-way conversation and so make sure that it stays that way. Make sure that what you have to say is relevant and has a point to it otherwise it’s just waffle i.e. a lot of noise but without much in it.

Criticise your current employer or boss

Criticising who you currently work for is not a good idea. Even if you do not like them, do not talk badly of them or put them down. Describing them in a negative light will only look badly on you.  Your interviewer doesn’t want to know that if things don’t work out with them you are going to bad mouth them to everyone you meet! Your interviewer will know that you want to leave your current job because you’re in an interview. Whether it’s because you hate your old boss or company or not – is irrelevant and isn’t something you should dwell on.

Answer your phone

Turn your phone off when going into an interview. Having it ringing in the middle of an interview is not only distracting but is only rude. What is even worse is answering a call in an interview. It is disrespectful to the interviewer and implies that you are not serious about getting that job nor do you respect the person who has taken the time to interview you.

Express bad humour

Humour is a funny thing! Some people will find things funny when others will not so tread carefully here. Anything that could be construed as cruel, racist, sexist or discriminatory is a no no.  Having someone try to be funny when they’re not, is not a pleasant sight or experience.

Sit in silence

Being overly quiet is not a good move in an interview. Again - bad interview technique. Responding with basic yes and no answers isn’t what the interviewer is looking for. They want to see energy, enthusiasm and passion for the role. They want to get to know you and see that you are interested in it. Short responses or just sitting in silence won’t get anything across or give the interviewer anything to work with.


Author: Nisa Chitakasem and Simon North from Position Ignition ( - taking you to the next step in your career!

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