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An interview is your opportunity to sell yourself.  You must prepare, practise and on the day of the interview, perform!  I‘ve identified five ways to shine in an interview and radiate the ‘authentic you’.  Five ways to shine;

  • Demonstrate your natural energy, strengths and passion through your actions, body language and words.
  • Do your research; firstly, be clear about you and know yourself and secondly, know everything you can possibly find out about the organization and interviewers.
  • Be active, in other words, be engaging and stimulating in the way you portray yourself and interact with the interviewers.
  • Relate stories that demonstrate how you’ve approached a situation or task, the action you took, the results you achieved and reflections you noted (lessons learned or best practices).
  • Listen carefully to the questions and be prepared to ask some of your own.

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Stephanie Mount is a Position Ignition Career Guide. She is profoundly interested in people and their potential. Stephanie engages with individuals to discover their most authentic self (the positive energy, their passions and strengths).  Stephanie’s diverse career in the helping profession spans two continents.  She uses her international experience, professional knowledge and living as an expatriate to enable others to create a fulfilling and balanced life.  Stephanie is an adventurer, passionate about the ‘great outdoors’ and travelling to far flung places on this beautiful planet.

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