Your Job Search: The Little Things

Big things are important, little things have the power to distract from, or reinforce, your message.

Little things, like your shoelace untied.

Or your hair messed up.

Or a stain on your shirt.

Or a resume that is folded in half, or a business card that is dog-earred, or facial hair that just seems out of place, or …

The list can go on and on.  I’m not saying that people can’t be unusual, or be independent, or go against any grain, etc.

I’m not saying it’s right for people to judge us for little indiscretions, although they do it anyway (so do you).

What I’m saying is, pay attention to the little things and perhaps you’ll come across as more professional, or the better candidate, or a strong networker, or something similar.

Don’t solely focus on the big things – make sure you pay attention to the little things.

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