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Let’s say, 2 things come out of the top of my mind is one, be dressed in a very elegant yet sober way. For men, it’s fairly straightforward. You know suits, preferably a white shirt. A white shirt instills security is a kind of gives the feeling of not just cleanliness but transparency or I trust someone that has a white shirt more than someone that has for example, like dark red shirt. Not necessarily on a personal basis, but professionally just looks cleaner, it looks more transparent. You know I guess it’s for a similar reason that you know people in the medical sector, doctors and nurses etc, etc have white dress.


Yeah. So that’s one thing. The second thing is make sure your method is clear.

What do you mean by that?

Practice your answers and you will see that as you practice you answers, the content stays the same but the way in which you deliver the message becomes much more confident, clear, sometimes you put more poses in what you say. Sometimes, you have more structured answers. In other words, you come across as a much more confident person once you step into the building rather than having the kind of general anxiety that everyone has when they walk into an interview. So, to summarize, A: you appearance need to be smart clean, goes without saying, have a good shave, you know just comb etc, etc and deliver the message in a confident way.

Fantastic. You said you can predict almost 80% of the questions you are going to get during the interview. Right?


Do you have any resource or book that you can recommend to your listeners?

Absolutely. There is one book that I always recommend. That is excellent. The bad news is that it will take about a week full time to read the book back to back. But the good news is that once you have read it back to back, you will feel like you can predict 95% of the unexpected answers which may sound a bit strange. How can you predict 95% of the unexpected? But it will just give you that extra confidence that if you walk what you know will be a tricky interview most likely; you know that they will not catch you of guard. What is the book? It’s a book called Quantitative Questions for Wall Street interviews. It’s written by Timothy Falcon Crack and you can find it on most inline book stores.

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