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"Long-range planning works best in the short term" - Doug Evelyn

One of the brand new, "just out of school" guys that I work with is always asking questions about how to get ahead, should he get his MBA, what types of jobs should he be doing 5 years from now, how does he prepare for becoming a manager. All of these are great questions and he is asking them as part of his long term plan. But if you think about it, he is asking them in the short term as part of his long term plan (I know, this sounds crazy, but think about it). Your job search is much the same. Every choice you make will lead you to where you are ultimately going. Some will feel wrong, and some will be perfect, but every step is the short term of your long term plan. Now about those Thousands of jobs, yes, thousands of jobs. In fact, probably 10's of thousands of jobs. I love running these posts every few months because it gets everyone's attention. But, it's not just an attention getter, there really thousand of jobs out there, so take a look.

  • - There were 8,353 entry level jobs (when I checked) from one of the best known job search boards. Use this search link and then adjust the criteria on the left hand side of the screen to match your criteria for city, job categories, jobs by company and more. There are additional resources at the bottom left hand side of the screen (very bottom of the page) for resumes, interviewing, salary and more.
  • - Where else would you start your search but with a job search board with a name like this! More than 1,000 entry level jobs from this site. Use the "search within these results" box at the top to refine your search and you can save your specialized searches as well. There are additional resources on the right hand side of the screen as well as at the bottom of the page.
  • - This site specializes in entry level jobs, but using that criteria returned more than 300 entry level jobs when I checked. You can narrow your search by using the keywords or other criteria at the top of the page. Below this are additional selection criteria like category, company, city and state. Top of the page has links for resources like resumes, advice and more.
  • Monster College -'s college site had more than 1,130 entry level jobs when I checked the site (and over 2,000 entry level jobs if you searched on this criteria from This site is also geared to college and entry level job seekers and has links at the top of the page for career advice, hired 101, forums and more.
  • - This site is different from most of the others as it searches across companies and other job boards. There were over 3,000 entry level jobs when I checked the site. Filters are on the left hand side of the page as well as keyword refinement options. Top of the page has links for local jobs, salary trends and employment trends. Save your searches here too.
  • - Hard to believe, but the entry level search on this site returned more than 77,000 entry level jobs (sounds like a lot to me). Similar to some of the other job search sites, you can refine your search by putting a location in at the top, or use one of the many refinements on the left hand side of the page. Top of the page has links for forums, salaries and trends.
Good luck in your search.

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