Sell, Don’t Brag During Your Job Interview |

If you have managed to secure a job interview then you need to start doing some serious preparation. With unemployment levels sky high the chances are there are a good number of competing applicants and you need to do all you can to set yourself apart from them. You need to start focusing on your career history to date and importantly all the key achievements and milestones you have reached.

Think about the things you have done well in your previous roles. Perhaps you secured a major new client, or brought about a cost saving initiative. You may have been praised by a line manager for good customer service or have perhaps been recognised for outstanding attendance levels. It’s things like this that you need to bring to the attention of the interviewer, but be careful how you do it. There is a fine line between bragging and selling. You need to sell yourself, that’s for sure. But avoid bragging or you will come across as insincere or even arrogant. Your achievements should also be truthful and importantly, believable. Do not exaggerate figures that can be easily checked. It is amazing how many job applicants make extraordinary claims about things they have done in previous jobs. The reality is that if they had stuck to the facts, rather than embellishing them, they would have had a far greater chance of success.

Try and make a note of your key achievements, and set a limit of around three. Three will be plenty to discuss and again is much more believable than a long list. When considering these achievements prepare the following:

- A list of 3 key achievements

- A list of 3 key sills

- 3 things you think you are good (or even great) at

- 3 things that you are proud of.

By working through this list and speaking about it out loud before the interview, perhaps with a friend or family member, you will start to feel confident and comfortable talking about these things. Remember, the interviewer more than likely does not know you and they will never know about what you have achieved (and therefore what you can bring to their company) without you telling them. Just remember to Sell, not Brag!

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