Secrets of the Job Hunt: Why CVs online are more trustworthy

Do you know that many written CVs are fake or have been changed?

On your CV is everything true?

Your on-line CV is much more accurate than your written CV. Why?

Because on Linkedin or Viadeo, you are in touch with your ex colleagues, ex bosses or ex clients…and they know your position and what you were doing. So you can’t pretend being a marketing director
whereas you were working as a Marketing manager. When connecting with
you, they will look at your profile.

People would spot you are cheating on your CV straight away…what kind of credibility or trust would you have?

CVs online are ruled by peer pressure which means CVs are under the eye of your ex colleagues and you can’t lie too much. Your lies could be seen by everybody.

Especially if you google your name, your linkedin/viadeo profile appears in the first page!

In that context, CVs online tend to be more accurate than the written ones which are only seen by the recruiter or the hiring manager.

Written CVs can be slightly changed or even faked…as long as only one person looks at it…but if it is a whole bunch of people, the risk of being uncovered is much larger.

Conclusion: recruiters use more and more Linkedin and Viadeo to find candidates as it is a free and trustworthy source of candidates.

What do you wait for?

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