In Transition? Can I find you on LinkedIn?

I’m looking for some people with sales experience to sell some of my stuff to organizations (I have some B2B products).

This is commission only (I know, I know, but it’s a healthy commission and should be an easy sale) and I want to find the right people who aren’t afraid to pick up the phone.

I think my B2B products (specifically, a new one that is rolling out in the next 45 days) is really, really cool.  I’ve talked to dozens of prospects and they are all, without exception, excited about the offering.

They also think the pricing is reasonable.

I think it will be a relatively easy sale.  And the right people on board will help me take it to the level it should be at.

Today I went to LinkedIn and typed searched for “commission sales” and “outbound sales” and got some interesting profiles… but there was one simple change I made that took me to the people I want to talk to… look at this:


I want to talk to people who I don’t have to pry away from a current job… and there are plenty out there… just putting seeking OR looking in this field, and changing the drop down to just CURRENT, got me to a list of people I want to talk to.

In this situation this will help these people have meaningful discussions… is YOUR profile optimized so that people can find you?

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