Here is a Method That Helps Job Seekers Improve Eye Contact | Seattle Interview Coach

Eye contact is an important way to convey confidence during a job interview. My favorite presentation skills coach, Cara Hale Alter, offers the following eye contact drill in her most recent newsletter:
Practice with Post-it® Notes

Part of developing effective eye contact is learning the choreography of looking around the room and holding eye contact for 3-5 seconds.To practice, try this drill. You can do this exercise standing or seated.

Put Post-it notes on the walls of your office or living room, give yourself an impromptu question and hold your eyes on each note for 3-5 seconds while answering. Try not to follow a pattern. Practice engaging the entire room. Once you've mastered this exercise, it's still helpful to use it when preparing for an upcoming high-stakes presentation.

If you do this exercise while practicing your material, you're much more likely to keep your energy focused outward when the big day arrives.

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