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Now on to this week’s advice; searching for a job is a daunting experience and at the end of the day many job seekers feel frustrated and physically and mentally drained.

This is exacerbated by the limited number of new executive and professional jobs being created, the increasing number of job seekers now willing to relocate for a new position, and the lack of understanding by many jobseekers and new graduates on how to find a new job in this day and age.

So here are some hints:

1: Get an attitude adjustment; the glass is always half full and each day you are one day closer to success. To do this set up a formal job search strategy with realistic daily and weekly goals and stick to it.

2: Find a coach or someone to discuss your problems and fears with, answer your questions, and give you equal doses or encouragement and constructive criticism on how you are conducting your job search.

3. Unless you feel your resume is perfect as is, have it reviewed and if need be edited or rewritten by a knowledgeable professional in a style and format that is easy to customize for the different jobs you apply for.

4: While unemployed become an avid reader of print and online business news and take copious notes of what and who is happening in your field and industry and who is making money and who are the people and companies on the move.

5: Then try contacting HR managers and decision makers at these companies directly or find ways to get referred from a trusted source. If this is not possible find their name and contact information by reaching out to current employees of the company with the available position using linked in, Hoovers or other networking tools that are available to you. Customize both a cover letter and your resume for this company and try and find a mutual connection to get it into their hand and if this is not possible find a creative way to do this.


Perry Newman, CPC is a nationally recognized executive resume writer, career coach and social media strategist renowned for his ability to produce marketing documents and job search strategies that get results. You can view sample resumes at and email him your resume at for FREE resume critique.

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