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"The indispensable first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: decide what you want." - Ben Stein

Whatever you do for a living (or whatever you want to do for a living) requires focus if you want to be successful. The "shotgun" approach to job search does not really work (as in applying for every job). Job search requires a focus, whether it be industry, job function or location. Method of search (job boards, networking, recruiters, etc.) not so much. You need to conduct a targeted search with a diversity of approaches if you want to increase the likelihood of success. Building your Job Search Marketing Toolkit is one of the keys to this success, but deciding what you want is a great first step.

  • Robert Half Finance & Accounting – “The world’s leading recruitment specialist in accounting and finance” is the tag line for this recruiting firm. Very well known in the industry (and international in scope), their site is easy to use and very diverse. The top of the page has links for Jobs, Services, Register and more. The left hand side of the page allows a quick search while the very bottom of the page allows for country selection. Select Jobs at the top to get to their job search engine. Click Jobs at the top of the page to access their job search engine. Their "Apply" button to the left of every job opportunity makes it really easy to apply for a job. There were over 500 job opportunities when I check the site.
  • Morgan Stanley – This financial services giant's careers page has links on the left hand side for Careers and company information. This is followed by a map that is interactive (where you can explore the company by location). The center of the page includes a company overview, followed by links for University, Experienced hires and Branch Opportunities. The right hand side of the page has information on Diversity and profiles on several employees. Clicking on the Experienced Level link leads to a full page where jobs must be searched by division where there were 956 career opportunities when I checked the site.
  • – This is a job search site that focuses on the Banking Industry (so, Finance in the broader term). From the main page you can register or sign on (left hand side), see the latest listings, or view all jobs. Click “view all jobs” to see the full selection. From here you can narrow your search using the refine search function at the top of the page. You can also sort by relevance, position and date posted. There were over 2,600 job opportunities on this site when I checked.
  • JP Morgan Chase – Another well known financial institution, their career site provides an overview of the company and then has links for Experienced Hires and University Programs. There is a link for “Jobs in Demand” as well as a “Search Jobs” tab. As with the other sites, it is worthwhile to register. There were over 4,800 job opportunities when I checked the site.
  • HSBC – Adding branches even during the recession (which is a good sign), HSBC's career page starts off with a map of the world, you click where you want to work (or where you live) and then the site takes you to a more focused view for your region and country. You must search by location (not across all jobs). As an example, there were over 250 job opportunities in the US. The site includes “Tips & Guidelines” for candidate preparation as well as job search, recruiting events, career development and areas of opportunity.
  • Blackrock – Blackrock’s career site provides background on their business groups as well as Blackrock’s culture. The job search section is split between entry level/less experienced hires and professional opportunities and you must pick your region to search for jobs. There were 57 job opportunities in the US when I checked the site. Once into the site, you can narrow your search by country and job type.
  • SimplyHired Finance – This link uses a targeted search on to return a list of finance related jobs. This particular search returned over 109,000 job opportunities in Finance when I checked (this is not a typo). You will need to narrow your search depending upon what you want. You can use “save this search” at any point during the process. At the top of the page you can narrow the search by either entering a more specific job category &/or a locaiton. You can also use the left hand side of the page to further target your search. You can sort by date or relevance.
Good luck in your search.

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