A Facebook CV (Resume)

www.laurentbrouat.com (to download the Facebook CV)

Sabrina Saccoccio created a new kind of CV, the CV-like facebook page.

And it is quite creative and powerful. I am a big fan of new kind of CVs (see my WHAT IS A CV IN 2010?).

The good things about this kind of CV:

- She shows creativity
- She creates a buzz on the internet
- She shows that she understands how to communicate
- She showcases her skills in a light manner and is able to grab the recruiter’s attention
- She has put many recommendations which is something I like, it shows her professional credibility in the industry

The points at risk:

- Sometimes recruiters may think it is too much, it is funny and it creates buzz, but is it serious?
- Information is a bit difficult to sort out as her work experience is in the second page on the left side
- Too much humor is not funny anymore?!

I really think that for her industry (she is a TV, radio print and web producer), it is an efficient tool and a very much creative CV. It grabs attention and creates buzz, and a positive one!

And this is the main purpose of a CV: being targeted! If you don’t craft a CV with the end goal in mind, it won’t work. It will be the usual boring CV (see Why your CV is boring and ineffective).

Here is another way to use social media and overcome the boring side of the CV!

And you, would you do a facebook CV?

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