Employment Digest: 4 Rules to an Amazing a Cover Letter

There are four simple rules that you must follow when writing your next cover letter. If you hit all four points, you are sure to land more quality interviews!

Rule Number One – Be personal!

You need to research the company and the hiring manager. Go to the library or hit the internet and find some simple fact that you can use to your advantage in your cover letter. Always find out the name of the Hiring Manager and use it to address him or her in your letter! A good source for the hiring manager’s name is the front desk receptionist, call the location and ask the kind person on the other end of the phone. If they are reluctant to share the information, just let them know that you are applying for the open job and would like to address your cover letter and resume directly to that person. Often times, that will be enough for the person on the other end of the phone to spill the much needed information!

Rule Number Two – Let your Personality Show!

It is very important to use the information from your research but it is equally important to show the reader who you are. Show your personality in your writing! Mix the facts with your personality and you are sure to write a cover letter that will be read from start to finish!

Rule Number Three – Call to Action!

Make sure to include a call to action statement at the end of your cover letter! What is a “call to action”? Simply put, you need to close the deal! Ask for the interview! The only purpose your finely crafted cover letter has is to land you a face to face meeting with the hiring manager. You need to ask for it!

Rule Number Four – Short and Sweet!

Do not get too long winded in your cover letter.

Never exceed one page with your entire letter. If you need to shorten it, do so but make sure to keep your best stuff intact!

Never use a smaller font just to get it down to one page!

Use short paragraphs and “white space” to make it more readable!

Get in and get out! Grab the hiring manager’s attention and then keep it by making your letter interesting. If it gets long, chances are they will not make it down to your “call to action” and your shot at an interview will be lost.

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