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Do you remember Doctor Dolittle’s Pushmi-pullyu? The “push me-pull you” was a gazelle-unicorn-llama with a head at opposite ends of its body. When it tried to move, both heads would try to go in opposite directions.

For job search and personal marketing let’s create our own special creature. Let’s call it: Pull Me-Push Me.


Personal Website-Great way to centralize personal content and improve online identity. Also a great platform to describe and define your personal brand in a broader context.

LinkedIn Profile- Fast becoming the number first place internal recruiters look for job candidates.

Facebook Profile- Fast becoming the number one place friends let other friends know about job openings.

Google Profile- A great place to take control of your Online Identity Management challenges.

Twitter Profile- When targeted correct, an emerging force in job search.

Zoom Info Profile- Arguably recruiters favorite database.  Take the time to update your profile.

Blog- If you can write well and you can demonstrate Subject Matter Expertise, a great longer term strategy.


Resume Mailing, Blasting or E Mailing- Still valuable, but unlikely to help without an unusually compelling value proposition and an outstanding email list with a warm entry point.

Vizibility- Establish your own customized Search Me button @  (It’s free.) This will allow for more efficient Google searches about you. Use the Search me button in email signatures.

Applying on Job Boards- Still valuable, but only a very small amount of positions are actually filled through this manner. Most studies suggest 10-15%.

Personal Networking- Still the best way to find a job is through friends, former co-workers, former clients, relatives, neighbors, community contacts, and trade groups.  The trick here is to let everyone know, what you want and why you would be good at it.  It’s all about referrals!

Intelligent Networking- Similar to personal networking, but executed in an accelerated and targeted manner. Utilize a best fit-targeted search campaign of 20 or so companies you would like to work at. Then leverage the business intelligence of the Internet including: Job Listings (search engines), Company News (web spiders or Google News feeds) and degrees of relationship separation (LinkedIn connection data).  Job Search Radar is all about intelligent networking to secure new jobs faster.

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