Buddy System

Everyone needs a job-search buddy.  The main objective of your “buddy” is to keep you motivated and honest with yourself.   Few people can work well in isolation, but that’s exactly what happens when you’re looking for a job.  You’re typically sitting at home night and day doing research, making calls, and writing letters.  Life can become very lonely very quickly. It’s tough to stay motivated and committed to your job search.  It’s important to have someone else to bounce ideas off who will make a “big deal” over your daily accomplishments, because you’re not likely to do it for yourself.

Your buddy can be looking for a job too but that’s not a necessity.

The number one rule: be honest with each other.

When someone is slacking off, the buddy needs to ask why and try and help work through the blockage.

Your buddy needs to hold you accountable, for both the quality and quantity of leads you are following.

Your buddy’s main jobs are to point out opportunities you may have missed, and to keep you motivated.

Compliments of David Perry and Kevin Donlin

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