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If you are making a career change and are thinking and feeling like you are either too old or too young to do it – don't! You are never too old to make a career change. You are never too young to make a career change.

If you are feel 'old' – this implies that you are wise – so you have had experience, you have seen the world and had a career of some sort for several years. With your many years of experience you have gained some key skills, some great knowledge, insight and expertise that you can use in the next role. You have not missed the boat, nor have you run out of runway. Use the experience, skills and natural talents and strengths that you have – to show that you are right for your next career move.

You will need to take a deeper look into your career, actions and activities to date. Sit down and review your career. Analyse it. Think about the roles you had and the projects you were involved in. Also look at what you did outside of work. What skills did you gain from all of what you have done so far? What were you good at? What did you enjoy? How do these relate to what you are looking to do now?

At first what you have done may look, sound or feel completely irrelevant – but actually when you dig deeper – there will be a whole host of skills, interests, talents, passions that are consistent across all of what you have done and where you are looking to go. There will be ways to transfer the skills you have gained to date – into the next career. Your next career move is your chance to start aligning your real passions, interests, strengths and goals into one. However, do not forget what you have achieved or accomplished so far. None of it is irrelevant. You are simply building and growing from what you have done – even if you are to take a slightly different direction now – there will be a link, you just need to find it!

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