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Just a bit of humor for your day... - Andy

For many of us - work is a must do and not really something that we find immensely satisfying to do. However, we have fixed hours of the day in which we are expected to turn up into the office and 'work'. For several people this is hard to do! It's hard to maintain focus, it's hard to keep progressing on something that isn't fun or interesting. In some cases there simply isn't enough to keep us occupied with! - So here are some 'fun' ways to pretend that you're working...(now don't quote us on these or 'take them seriously' as words of proper careers advice!).  This is just some food for thought to keep you going through your day...

1. Type loudly on your keyboard with a steady rhythm

2. Hunch over your keyboard like you're really focusing

3. Automate email sending (especially late at night)

4. Make conference calls to talking clock

5. Get in early - but to check your facebook!

6. Put on expressions of worry, anxiety and stress

7. Look up to the ceiling like you're thinking and scratch your head at regular frequencies

8. Walk around with pads of paper (like you're really busy and important!)

9. Scribble down your shopping list and other notes regularly (because you're clearly writing down important key notes from your meetings!)

Author: Nisa Chitakasem - Founder of Position Ignition - taking you to the next step in your career

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