Send a letter stating you are over qualified.

Send your resume and a cover letter which states “It’ll appear obvious from my resume that I’m over-qualified for the job you advertised, so let me tell you why you should interview me and consider “super-sizing” your opportunity”.

Write a bulleted list of 3-5 benefits you think they might be interested in. Close the letter saying something to the effect that “I am old enough to have already learned from my mistakes – so my experience is more cost effective than a more junior person. In a few months, or years, you’ll need to send them on training to upgrade their knowledge, whereas I come fully equipped to do the next job too.”

Point out any certificates or advanced training which
you already have that someone in that job might be expected to acquire.

Show you are already qualified to do the next position

Point out any retraining allowances or incentives
employers might be eligible for if they hire a more seasoned person.

of David Perry and Kevin Donlin

Send a letter stating you are over qualified