Is Your Career Your Life?

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Initially when I was studying for a diploma, every time anyone asked me “What’s your plans after this?”, I used answer confidently that I’m gonna work for sometime then continue with my studies. My reasoning was simple, that I would be more matured by then and working experience would help me understand my subjects better.
So now here I am, straight after graduation in the media field – even got a job I exactly wanted. But somehow, I’m not as ecstatic anymore. I have to be honest and say that it was hard for me to accept that I’m working now, instead of having a jolly good time in uni. Suddenly reality set in and the torture of sitting in one place the whole day facing your computer screen began to crush me.

So you hate your job?

Don’t take me wrong that I don’t like what I do as a digital planner. (Okay, doing the excel sheets are bit boring but…) I’ve been exposed to so many new, interesting & challenging stuffs that I would have never known if I wasn’t working. But it’s the flexibility that I need.
Of course, everyone was advising me about it – “any job wouldn’t be easy when you start, you’ve got to work your way up”. In other words, it means you’ve got to sacrifice time that you used to have with family & friends, give up your passion, hobby and literally run of a working treadmill like a hamster.
Observing people around me, it seems like it is the norm, this is how life is supposed to be once you begin your career. Somehow, back to square one – I can’t digest that!


I don't wanna end up this way!

What’s your point?

Reading an article by Alexandra Wong in The Star, I realized that I’m not alone in this situation. Many others feel the same way but have somehow got used to it. Bunny as she calls herself in her blog, is one person who refused to be the average. Instead of going with “the flow”, she swims against it.
I respect her in many ways after reading this article, she definitely made a profound impact on me. How I wish I could take charge of my life too, and follow her footsteps. And that got me thinking, ACTUALLY WHY NOT?

So you gonna quit your job or what…?

I don’t have a plan yet, I dunno what I’m going to pursue after this – digital media, copywriting or perhaps start my own business.
By doing so, maybe I won’t have to image that I’m working in a big corporate company anymore or stand a chance to be titled a manager in the long run, or maybe I won’t be making as much money. There are many maybes, but it definitely seems like a better idea than working my life away.
But till then, I’m gonna do my very best and learn as much as I can in my current job.