The Importance Of An Online Portfolio

Original Post: The Importance Of An Online Portfolio

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Barbara Nixon recently asked a number of professionals for some advice for her students.

Should a Public Relations student’s portfolio be digital or in a binder?

I can certainly answer this question with my personal point of view, both as a professional who has looked at portfolios during the hiring process and as someone who landed a number of opportunities based on my own online portfolio.

A few years ago, having an online portfolio as an advertising or PR student was much less common (so much so that I was able to land a scholarship to the Cannes International Advertising Festival’s Roger Hatchuel Academy simply for being the only student to apply with an online portfolio).

These days, the practice is becoming more common, and for students looking to stand out in a competitive job market, I would argue that an online portfolio is quickly becoming a requirement. This is particularly true for those looking for a digital position (and I might add, most PR positions have become at least somewhat digital).

Your Portfolio Might Simply Be Your “Personal Hub”

During the hiring process, you want to make it as easy as possible for hiring managers to get a fast impression of what you’re all about. This might be as simple as creating a “hub” that will lead them to your work, writing and participation in various online networks. It might even be a blog.

Creating an online portfolio can be a lot of fun—this is your opportunity to get creative and show off your personality.