Downsizing Is No Longer Optional

Original Post:Downsizing Is No Longer Optional

This includes, but is not limited to: people, things, pictures, papers, mementos, etc.

I don't want to sound like a Feng Shui  because a) I don't know much about it and b) it is true that my bed does, in fact, point towards the door. (Feng Shui insists, amongst many other interesting beliefs, that one should not have their bed facing the entrance of bedroom because this is how dead bodies are removed).

Getting rid of things sounds like pretty simple. But it is likely only to happen when you're forced to or if you move.

In April, I attended a conference with some of the world's most successful real estate agents hosted by one of the most brilliantly run real estate website networks in the world - We (the attendees) were lucky to listen to a brilliant speaker. One of the points he drove home was how deep the real estate industry had gotten itself into, and how to prepare your business when things inevitably rebound. The rebound however might not be for a while - for some anyway.

He drove home a point:
If you have a employees that are there because you feel sorry for them, and they are on the payroll but dragging the organization down, get rid of them. They will be fine. You (the organization) may not be. Especially when the economy starts to move again.
It just stands to reason. Especially with all the new businesses springing up because of the economic downturn. If you've built an empire and are watching the candle flicker, it's because candles need oxygen to burn. There's only enough oxygen for the people (and other candles) that actually prop the organization up via hard work, commitment and dedication to the change that is really happening - but, it is happening outside the building.

In other words, if your business is being adversely effected by things other than the economy, it seems logical to assume that there are some things in need purging - like perhaps your entire business model? Maybe even purge the old ideals, as well because ideals aren't real - in fact they are opposites.

Once the candle goes out, it's going to be very difficult to reignite it.