How Do You Interact?

Original Post: How Do You Interact?

A lot of individuals and companies are getting involved with social media. I have had people express to me that they want to get in on this “social media thing” and automatically rattle off the three most recognized social networking sites—Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I have absolutely nothing against the aforementioned sites (I participate on all three), but social media consists of more than just these sites. Social media is the ability to interact with people online by sharing valuable content (emphasis added) through a variety of mediums:

Social networking

Why the fuss? It is because regardless of where you are located, social media allows you the ability and opportunity to form relationships. Although, the primary purpose of both parties is to connect with those who share similar interests, both groups have various objectives that they seek to accomplish. Over 50% of U.S. social network users use social networking sites and other forms of social media (i.e. forums, blogs, etc.) to share information.

Activities performed on social networks

Companies are observing their customers habits and are responding by using social media as a means to interact with their prospects and customers by “meeting” with them on their turf. People are more inclined to rave about companies that truly put forth the effort to get to know their customers, which enables you to simultaneously gain new customers and increase your organization’s brand recognition.

Even though I am happy to see that companies are realizing the importance of participating, I often wonder if they realize that they can decrease the time it takes to achieve their objective by using more than one form of social media. For example, if you are a life coach, one of the main points you want to highlight in your marketing campaign is your ability to assist individuals in helping them reach their goals. Again, there is nothing wrong with using social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc., but they should not be the only approach you use to interact with your audience. In addition to using social networking sites, consider incorporating videos, podcasts, teleseminars, etc. because allowing your audience various options to engage with your brand will increase your chances of reaffirming your message.

Do some research in order to determine which form(s) would be more likely to resonate with your audience. This will not only ensure an enjoyable social media experience for your company, but your audience will appreciate the opportunity to see the face behind the brand.