Guarantee a phone interview!

from getpickd

As an employer, I have a policy of conducting phone interviews with any applicant I receive a reputable recommendation for (assuming the applicant's resume is at least passable). This is the case even if I don't know the person making the recommendation (although that certainly helps). Recommendations provide instant credibility and show that the applicant is serious about the position. I know of a number of colleagues that have a similar policy.

So how can you use this policy to your advantage?

First, try finding someone in your personal network that might know somebody at the organizations where you are applying. Consider sending your contacts an email with the names of your intended places of employment and politely ask if they have any contacts there. It's a small world and you might be surprised by the results!

Second, if you can't find a connection using the strategy above, consider asking a couple of your key supporters, such as former employers, mentors, and professors (but not college roommates) to send an email to the hiring manager at the organization where you've applied and provide a recommendation. Here's an example:

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing in regards to Jane Smith, who recently applied for the communications associate position at Strategic Communications Limited. I was Jane's supervisor during her internship with our organization last summer. She was an exceptional talent who excelled in her position and was a pleasure to have in the office. I strongly encourage you to consider her application.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


John Doe
Human Rights Organization

If you do decide to ask someone in your network to provide a recommendation, make it easy on him or her. Provide the appropriate contact information for the hiring managers and consider providing sample language for the actual recommendation (like the example above).

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Adam Sterling is the founder of getpickd