Don't Let Academia Advise You On Your Future

Don't Let Academia Advise You On Your Future

I find the constant worry about grades quite pathetic, as if your future was dependent on their outcome. Okay they kind of are if you are planning to build your life around the perks of the educational system. But if you’re willing to put in the effort you might consider redirecting that same effort out into the real world where the return on your energy is much higher. Begin by starting something.

Anyone can do it. If you think you can start your own entrepreneurial venture do it, if you not the self-starter type that’s fine, find someone who is, whose vision you like and work for them. Be a part of something special, something remarkable, something that makes a difference.

You really don’t need anything to get started, but our education system tricks us into thinking we need like 4 degrees and a 5 page resume before we can start something. There is no counsel that accepts and rejects ideas. The only thing stopping you is your own lack of initiative. (Well that’s not entirely true, there are bigger challenges once you get started). But taking the initiative to start is the hardest part and yet it’s really not the hard, it’s just takes a little bit of self reliance and conviction.

The education system will keep telling you need better grades to pass this assessment and get a better job, and that you have to please your superiors. It’s all just a big wankathon. It feels like that scene in the Matrix where you see the mechanistic real world and all the humans plugged into little capsules, that harvests their energy while they are preoccupied with the virtual reality called the Matrix.

In our world today, young people are preoccupied by memorizing information they won’t remember after the test is over, studying topics they don’t care about for a marginal increase in entry level salary, taking boring internships that seem like a good resume check and binge socializing in their free time to forget about how much the aforementioned activities suck.

As I’ve said before, people need to have something they actually want to do. And if you don’t your focus should be on finding that, anything else is a waste of time. Once you find that passion your learning will have a purpose and you’ll be amazed at the increased enjoyability and retention.

What I find very sad is that it’s not students’ fault. They haven’t really chosen this path. It’s the default path and no other options are presented as viable. And default paths are incredibly powerful especially when every other option is seen to be fit only for the losers of society. Interestingly, almost anyone who has been successful has realized that there’s something more out there and have decided to opt out.

I am working on startup that I hope will play a significant role in showing people that there is something more. Many people are already working on this and many people have written books about living successful, fulfilling lives and escaping the status quo. These books pump some people up enough to launch them out of the gravitational pull of the status quo and into a new realm of living. But that’s rare. Most people don’t have the self-confidence and drive to do that. But we still need to help the people who are clearly dissatisfied with their present and would like something more but they don’t know how. Well, that’s what we’re going to do. We are going to show you there’s something more, pop you on a bike with wings, (give you a can of Redbull…kidding, I hate that stuff) guide you past the point of no return and then let you fly off the edge to begin your entrepreneurial ascent, and with your new dimension of freedom you’ll look down on the seemingly two dimensional world below, watching your peers go through the same old pattern of corporate ladder climbing, hard dispassionate work and few rewards.

No really, without the dumb imagery, we’re going to help people who have big ideas, but don’t know how them happen, actually get their ideas off the ground and make them a reality.

I’m hesitant about linking to Force For the Future, because it’s super, super pre-alpha but there’s a form on the site where you can request advice and mentorship if you’re a young person, or offer it if you’re an older more experienced professional.