Links and thoughts

Here are a few articles for those seekers and a few for those trying to keep theirs.

How to keep your current job more satisfying? It could be that you need to manage your manager. Integrity matters especially at work.

Should you make the perfect elevator pitch, or maybe you think that they are dumb. Look better and get a job, while you still have one.

It could be that you just need a sustainable existence. Do you treat the job search like, err, well a job search or maybe they are just not into you because an interview is a lot like dating. You might need help navigating online job postings. Clearly you should use the 5 essential pre-interview strategies because what you don't know can kill your chances for landing that new job. Why not just outsource your job search? You don't want to leave your current job and burn bridges, do you?

Are you ready for jaw droping interview questions, or 8 fit questions and their fatal mistakes in the interview. It could be that you just want to work at home?

What ever you decide, I encourage you to stand firm and do the right thing.