DoNanza: the Online Job Search Revolution?

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Written by Georgina Laidlaw.

donanza1Finding work on the web isn't easy. The time I've spent looking for work on freelance job sites has always left me fairly underwhelmed.

OK, that's a huge understatement. I dislike having to sign up for different services to access the details of the jobs they're offering. I loathe having to wade through the reams of alerts I receive from each one. And I can't be bothered trying to remember which ones require me to buy a subscription in order to pitch for jobs, and which ones don't, as well as all the other little nuances of each service.

I can safely say that so far, my job search subscriptions have not paid off. For me, the tedium and frustration of tracking all these individual subscriptions has far, faroutweighed any value I've obtained from them. Last week I wound up just trying to search direct through Google in a desperate attempt to find the kind of project I wanted at a decent rate. Yes, I was that fed up. So when I heard about DoNanza, a service that's touted as "redefining the search for online projects," I hoped it might actually live up to its own PR.

What's the big deal about DoNanza? It's a job search engine that pulls results from freelance and remote working job sites across the web. No longer do we mere mortals have to visit multiple sites to search their listings. DoNanza appears to be a one-stop shop for job search.

So far, so good. I took it for a spin and found that an immediate benefit of the service was that it introduced me to freelance sites I'd never heard of, let alone visited — many of them in countries other than my own. So automatically it puts you in touch with a much wider pool of projects and employers.

donanza2Then I noticed a very cool filter pane on the left of the search results page. This pane uses sliders to allow you to filter the search results by price, project type, time left and date posted. You can also use it to include or exclude results from specific sites. I find this particularly nice because it lets me refine my search right on the results page — I don't need to make extra clicks to access the "refine search" options. Hooray! Of course, DoNanza also offers all the usual features you'd expect: related search prompts, RSS and Twitter tracking, the ability to email results to friends, and so on. And — wait for it — you don't need a(nother) subscription!

Keep in mind that DoNanza is not a job board. It doesn't offer its own jobs (yet — will this change in time?); it acts purely as a search engine for other job sites. So when you click on a result, you go direct to the site on which it's listed. As such, the service is very highly focused. It does one thing — offer web-wide job search — and I think it does it well.

It's interesting, not to mention timely, that DoNanza has launched now, when many of us are feeling the pinch of financial uncertainty and looking for projects. It makes very short work of the search process itself, and takes the immense hassle out of finding freelance job sites that have the kinds of projects you want at the right rate. As I used the site, I began to wonder why no one had launched an equivalent service already — and those kinds of thoughts are usually a sign that a new idea is going to be a big success.

Do you use online job sites to secure freelance work? If so, what are some of the good ones you've come across? Do you think DoNanza might help your current job search process?