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Some good career articles to read over a cup of hot coffee & while listening to some good music. These are a blend of articles with covering abroad range of topics. Feedback is welcome, let me know which of these your feel are most helpful for inclusion on our website.

Wall Street Journal – Career Articles

 A Web Presence From Scratch - With unemployment at a 23-year high, job seekers should expand the way they search. Here's how to build up a social-networking presence from scratch.

Windows Into Lives After a Layoff  - As layoffs increase, some job seekers are sharing their woes by blogging. For many, it's therapeutic. For some, it's turned into a way to garner job leads.

Strangers Lend a Hand to Job Seekers - Alarmed by the rising unemployment rate, many working Americans are helping their laid-off counterparts -- often complete strangers -- secure new positions through social-networking site groups

Keep Raising the Bar in Your CareerIt's easy to rest on your accomplishments, perhaps even feeling there's not much left to learn. But in this economy, you can't afford to sit back.

Many Companies Hire as They Fire

Raising Kids to Thrive Amid Career Chaos - The recession is driving home a bitter truth: The path to a secure career is increasingly hard to find. Here's what parents should do to equip their children for this.

Layoffs Are Just One Threat - Employers say they intend to save money with multiple initiatives, including freezing salaries, reducing workweeks, eliminating training programs and boosting health-care premiums.

Bringing Your Passion to Work - Bringing a side interest to work is one way to find more time to do what you love without putting your life on hold and your financial health at risk.

The Laid-Off Do Well Doing Good - Volunteer jobs are catching on among laid-off workers, giving them valuable career experience and aiding nonprofits.

Starting Over -- as an Entrepreneur - For laid-off workers, launching a business may seem the best path to survival.

Overcoming Career Setbacks – When misfortune and adversity follow periods of personal achievement, lean to deal with rejection and ignore the naysayers in order to get back on track.

Acing a Phone Interview - The phone interview, usually the first step before an in-person interview, is now being used to weed out job seekers by asking the tough questions reserved for finalists.

From a Corporate Job to a Nonprofit

Negotiating the Freelance Economy

Take an Hourly Job or Stay on Unemployment? - A reader contemplates accepting a drastic pay cut to get back to work. Our Career Q&A columnist weighs in with advice on how to decide.

Creating a Consultancy With Your Expertise  - For professionals who want to use their expertise in new ways, becoming an independent consultant is a common jump. Ways to make the transition easier.

Advice for Senior Job Hunters


A Builder of Castles Made of Trash - How architect Michael Reynolds came to found Earth ship Biotecture, which designs and builds sustainable homes world-wide.

From Techie to Bike-Store Owner




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