Facebook Offers Vanity Addresses

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Written by Charles Hamilton.

facebooklogoFacebook users have probably seen the notices that from 9:01 pm Pacific Time tonight, the site will offer personalized addresses, like this:


If you have a fairly common name and want a vanity URL, it would be a good idea to get in early. Not everyone is eligible, however. Anyone who has just joined the site will be required to wait until June 28 to sign up for a custom address.

Organizations with Facebook Pages will be able to register a vanity URL only if their page was live on May 31 and had more than 1,000 fans at that time. Others will also need to wait until June 28. Trademark owners can prevent others from registering a protected name, however.

Such sites as LinkedIn, Twitter and MySpace have offered custom addresses for some time. With Facebook growing 8 percent in May, it seemed inevitable that Facebook would join the party.

Will you and your web clients be staying up late tonight to register a vanity URL at Facebook?