Find the Best Part-Time Work for Your Time [Money]

via Lifehacker by Kevin Purdy on 4/14/09

We posted yesterday about 50 side businesses you can start in spare time, but it's not always apparent which sideline works best for your time, or career. Marci Alboher offers some advice on that front.

Career writer Alboher writes at Manage Your Life that your part-time job, or freelance gig, or even casual pick-up work should benefit you in more ways than just bolstering your bank account. Find work that doesn't conflict with your main revenue earner, and hopefully find it in a growing field. She also advises:

  • Keep in mind that part-time work doesn't have to be a "job." Working as a freelancer or consultant will likely give you more flexibility than will a position that has fixed hours and a fixed location.
  • Recognize that not all jobs are advertised. Often, positions are created when a person shows up with the right set of skills and the moxie to propose herself for the position (see Jennifer Bergeram's story in this post.)

What part-time job or freelance work have you found that meshed well with your career goals? Give us all a bit of inspiration in the comments.

Finding the perfect part-time work [Manage Your Life/Shine]