Seeking More Feedback Might Help Keep Your Job

Seeking More Feedback Might Help Keep Your Job [Jobs]

If the ax is about to fall at your office, the chief career officer at temp/HR franchise Adecco says now is the time to get all Ed Koch and ask everyone how you're doing.

Wired's How-To Wiki has a collaborative post up on how to lower the odds of your name being selected in the next round of layoffs. While a little sparse at the moment, the wiki-post does point out the two sides of keeping a high/low profile. You want to be seeking feedback and direction from as many people as you can, and be seen involved in projects, especially new ones, whenever you can. But you don't your theoretically on-the-sly job-hunting to be seen by anybody, anywhere, inside your firm, or your likelihood of being considered for a layoff shoots up exponentially.

Other than that, it's the same kind of advice—upgrade your skills, network, look outside your field—that we've previously explored in tips on recession-proofing your career (on paper and on the web). Got a good (and anonymous) tip on putting your best feedback-hungry face forward around the office? Drop it in the comments.

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