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LinkedIn’s primary purpose is to allow its users to interact with other professionals to help enhance career opportunities. Although it functions on the same principle as other networking sites in that a set of connections is created, it creates a specific set of business-related benefits for its users:

Joining LinkedIn is a definite advantage for professionals because it allows you to expand your network using the connections of other people. The whole purpose of the site is to allow you to establish a link to someone who is in the network of one of your first degree contacts. It expands your potential opportunities exponentially. It’s not only a resource, it’s a learning tool for you.

One of the most unique features of LinkedIn is that is provides a platform to build an online resume. Past projects, places of employment and notable achievements can be publicly displayed. Recruiters, potential employers, and contacts looking to recommend you can easily see your experience and achievements. Your LinkedIn profile then becomes a floating, open-ended marketing document for you… which opens up the possibility that someone might call and say, “I saw on your LinkedIn profile that you are experienced in x, y and z. We need those types of skill sets…can we talk?”

A highlight of LinkedIn is that it allows for recommendations to be made. Partners, suppliers, or clients can write short paragraphs about other individuals they have worked with. A testimonial like this is one of the most powerful features of a resume. It reinforces the details that are listed as well as helps build trust about how you do your work.

Why is LinkedIn important? In today’s competitive business climate, every advantage is a plus. Not only do potential employers or partners get the opportunity to know more about you, but you also get to control what others see about your work experience and put your best foot forward. It’s how you build your personal brand and increase your online presence.

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