Here’s Why The Job Market Will Improve In 2024


Why Things Changed

The economy saw a swift change predicted to increase the likelihood of a strong job market from now into next year. The brighter outlook was due to the decrease in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) and a significant boost to the stock and bond markets. The decline in the CPI and the potential for inflation stabilization led to investors' optimism. The Federal Reserve's approach to interest rates and inflation has been a critical factor in market movements. If inflation remains at current levels or decreases, the Fed may be able to leave interest rates unchanged, which is viewed positively by the market.

Jobs report October 2023: 150,000 jobs added, lower than forecast


The U.S. labor market added 150,000 jobs in October,1 lower than economists forecast, and a stark decline from the 297,000 jobs the economy added in September, a revision from the initially reported 336,000 for that month.

“The October employment report came in below expectations at 150,000 jobs, with the ongoing auto workers’ strike likely partly responsible for the unexpected 35,000 decline in manufacturing payroll,” said Shawn Snyder, Global Investment Strategist for J.P. Morgan Wealth Management. 

Snyder went on to highlight that, while the report was below expectations, it’s important to view the jobs report relative to the population’s growth.

Average Salary for IT workers 2023


Here's a breakdown of the average pay for IT workers in 2023 based on various sources:

United States: $52,000 per year $59,428 per year $54,710 per year

California: $102,291 per year $91,846 per year $98,380 per year

Texas: $67,571 per year $69,938 per year $62,443 per year

How to Write an ATS-Friendly Resume in 2023


1. Use an ATS-optimized resume format
2. Correctly label your sections
3. Include job-related keywords
4. Use an ATS-friendly resume template
5. Use a common resume font
6. Save your resume as a PDF or .docx
7. Get a free ATS resume scan

The Value of 500+ Linkedin Followers


The Value of 500+

Why is 500 a magic number when it comes to LinkedIn connections? It's the point when LinkedIn stops counting. When you visit someone with 501 connections, and someone with 30,000 connections, their profiles will both say the same thing: "500+ connections." After that, it doesn't matter, numerically.