Unemployment Hell

 From Austin Belcak, austin@cultivatedculture.com

To all my people going through unemployment hell right now, please remember this:

Your employment status does not define you as a person.

Your happiness and mental health are separate and more important than any job.

Please prioritize them and find time for self care as you navigate this period.

Sitting in front of your computer refreshing email / LinkedIn all day isn’t healthy. Do this instead:

First, set goals:

This week you will email X number of contacts & apply to Y number of jobs.

Next, find ways to optimize & automate the process:

1. Find a daily 2-4 hour block that fits your schedule

2. Find one new company, find new contacts, apply to X companies, and email Y potential referrals

3. Track your metrics (apps, outreach, replies, coffee chats, referrals, interviews, etc)

4. Find the right tools (e.g. use tool like ResyMatch to quickly update your resume, or Yesware to see if people opened your emails)

Put in the time, meet your daily goals, then focus on YOU:

1. Go for a long walk/run and explore somewhere new

2. Take a book and a beer to the park, maybe skip the biz books and read something for pleasure

3. Learn to cook a new dish and surprise your partner

4. Take courses on things you’ve always wanted to learn but haven’t had time for

I know this isn’t easy but I promise it’s not permanent.

Don’t neglect your health and happiness because of it.

Be well,