38 Reasons to Host Spaces on X

 From: The art of Purpose email list

You make friends for life

It makes you a sharper thinker 

You become a clearer thinker

You establish trust with an audience

It improves your public speaking abilities 

It improves your writing abilities

It’s a great way to make friends

It’s also a great way to make enemies

You will attract the right kinds of people

Spaces allow you to understand your audience's pain points 

You will meet potential business partners

You begin to understand people at a deeper level

It’s a chance to brainstorm

You can run focus groups

You can make presentations

You can gain 1000s of followers 

You can gain 1000s of new email subscribers (and subscribers to your  X page)

You can make tens of thousands of dollars

It's FUN

You can build a passionate community

You can validate ideas

It’s a great way to network 

You can learn from your guest speakers

You'll learn how to run a podcast 

You will get invited to podcasts

The media will talk about you

You can kill time in traffic with it

You can discuss breaking news

You can listen to spaces during walks 

You can participate in spaces actively (unlike a podcast)

Can create life-changing opportunities 

You can host podcast listening parties

You can run workshops

You can host interviews

Spaces can be your ticket out of the soul-sucking corporate world, where you can start solving real problems and getting paid what you're worth.

Cultivates creativity

Creates financial independence

Spaces can make YOU lots of money