2023 Employee Benefits & Workplace Predictions:

from: https://www.benefitspro.com/2023/01/30/2023-employee-benefits-workplace-predictions-this-years-must-have-benefits/?slreturn=20231026175320

Frictionless benefits 

Benefits are more important than ever. 2023 will be an acceleration year for frictionless benefits, with the member experience taking center stage. People need confidence in their coverage, and technology plays a vital role as a critical enabler to fuel advances for everyone in the benefits ecosystem: employees, employers, carriers, benefits administration software firms and brokers. Expect to see more embedded benefits, greater variety in benefits options such as fertility, elder care and tuition reimbursement, and broad adoption of all-in-one solutions that unify many of today’s point solutions for HRIS, benefits, and payroll. 

Shannon Goggin, CEO and co-founder of Noyo