Focus On Your Job To Keep From Getting Fired

If you think you are going to get fired... just focus on doing your job. Don't over analyze the situation.

You Think You’re Going to Be Fired or Promoted

When you think you’re about to move up the food chain or be taken out of it, it’s easy to want to analyze every single cue that comes your way. Your boss mentioned the word “fired” and looked in your direction? Uh oh. A colleague whispered that someone in your department was getting promoted? Yay—maybe?
The easiest way to handle this situation is to keep doing whatever it is you’re doing. Even if something big is on the horizon, reading into every interaction typically only leads to disappointment (“I got her coffee and she didn’t offer me a promotion!”). Hang tight and keep doing your job right. If you’re supposed to go somewhere else, someone will tell you.