10 Reasons You Should Stop Checking the News | Time Management Ninja

We have become a news addicted society.

Doubt it?

How many times did you read the news so far today?

How many more times will you check it before bedtime?

When All News is Breaking News

If you turn on the TV or check your favorite news website, chances are that there will be a banner that says “BREAKING NEWS.”

Like some disaster has just occurred.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately?) it is usually just some trivial event or topic that you could care less about.

News is meant to inform, educate, and discuss the important topics of the day. 

Unfortunately, most news these days is entertainment, sensationalism, and basically a waste of your time.

So, how much of your time do you spend reading the news?

For most individuals, the news takes up too much of their time each day.

We now get it on our TVs, computers, laptops, iPads, and smartphones. It’s everywhere.

In a world where you can get the answer to anything with the push of a button, do you really need to read it all?

Less News = More Productivity

What could you get done if you read less news?

Chances are that you could reclaim a good amount of time in your day.

So, instead of saying you don’t have time to do this or that… stop checking the news.

Here are 10 Reasons Your Should Stop Checking the News: 

  1. It Doesn’t Change That Often – Really, it doesn’t. You don’t need to check it 17 times a day. Every day or even every other day is plenty.
  2. Most of It Doesn’t Matter – Most of the news out there is not meaningful. You are better collecting the topics that are important to you via a news reader (RSS).
  3. Much of it is Wrong – As the cliché goes, “If it was written on the Internet, it must be true.” Anyone can type on the Internet, and you shouldn’t read anything without questioning its truth. News curation in the future won’t just be about content… but accuracy.
  4. Even More is Sensationalized - Many news sites have blurred the line between news and rumors. This is almost as dangerous as #3, in that made-up stories are portrayed as news.
  5. Most of it is Trivia – Does what the The Kardashians are doing help your day? Does what car Justin Bieber is driving today matter to your work? Most of the news we read is the equivalent of junk food for our brains.
  6. Much of the News Isn’t News at All - I just reviewed the front page of one of the top news websites and found 14 front-page headlines that end with a “?” This basically means that these news stories aren’t stories. Rather, they are questions, made up topics, and fluff material. Not worth your time.
  7. Facebook Isn’t News Either – I see individuals that spend their entire work day with their Facebook stream open. Again, do you really need to know what your friends are doing minute-by-minute of the day?
  8. Many News “Experts” Aren’t Experts – Don’t let the pundits and so-called experts convince you that they know any more than you do.
  9. Watching/Surfing the News is Inefficient – Watching the news is not a great use of your time. Sitting through endless segments, commercials and more, when you could be doing more productive activities. Surfing the news is just as wasteful. Many news sites are covered in more ads than actual news. Again, you could get the same information in a fraction of the time via a new reader. (RSS)
  10. Too Much of the News is Negative – The news loves a bad news story. Reading the front page is bound to bring your attitude down. Don’t let the news impact your attitude and thus your productivity.

All the News That Is Fit To Read

If you want to get more done in your day, stop reading the news.

Or at least cut back on your daily excess.

The news will be there when you are ready for it.

And don’t worry, if it is that important… the news will come find you.

Reclaim some of your news time each day and you will be able to get to the things that matter.

So, stop reading the news… and instead go do something newsworthy.

Question: How many times a day do you read the news?