AutoCAD for Android Phone

Try The Free Official AutoCAD App For Your Phone [Android]

autocad android appAs most engineers, architects and draughtsmen can attest, it’s incredibly useful to have a reliable smartphone application to edit your documents while you’re out and about. Just think, no more A1 sheets of paper covered in incomprehensible notes. Or if you must carry that around, at least you can keep your files accessible on your phone just on the off-chance you’re able to stop into a site unexpectedly. The fact remains that CAD applications on smartphones are a great idea.

So, imagine how surprised I was to find the official AutoCAD WS Android application is available for free in the Android Market. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? But it’s real, so it’s well worth getting your hands on the AutoCAD application before Autodesk changes their mind and starts charging for it.

Posted via email from AndyWergedal