The Recruiting Industry is Broken

Recruiters and HR departments would rather hire someone who is working, instead of someone who is unemployed. Yet, they will call and speak to you as if you have been breathlessly waiting by the phone for their call.

It has become a comodity where skilled contractors are simply a means to their paycheck. The personal side of recruiting seems to have disappeared only to be replaced with a callus high pressure sales technique previously reserved for used car lots.

Recruiters and contractors form a symbiotic relationship to serve our clients. One cannot live without the other. We must work together to maintain our respective incomes.

I propose that there is a huge opportunity for a recruiting company that is transparent and provides a service instead of just jamming resumes into clients inboxes praying that one will hit.

Maybe it is time for a contractor co-op. Or maybe contractors need agents instead of Recruiters.

Posted via email from AndyWergedal