Picking a Job Title on Business Cards

In the freelance world, you have the freedom to put whatever you want on your business card.  The job position you choose will show your audience a glimpse of what they can expect from you and your company.

We’ve shared some templates for you to create your own business card, and some great examples of unique business cards, but what you call yourself is as important as the visual appeal of your card.

Here are a few titles for your consideration:


Positive – Doesn’t indicate the size of your business; fairly innocuous

Negative – Can indicate that you don’t really know who you are yet, and your business is still developing.

Owner :

Positive – Clearly states your role in the business

Negative – Can indicate that your business is very small or your ego is very large


Positive – By definition, president means “one who sits in leadership”

Negative – If you are the president but the only employee – you’re sending a mixed message


Positive – Shows that your company is very large, and you answer to a board of directors

Negative – Shows that your company is very large, and you answer to a board of directors

Grand Poohbah/Head MuckyMuck:

Positive – Shows that you have a sense of humor, and a fun organization

Negative – Can show that you don’t take your business seriously

And there’s a compelling argument to omit the position altogether.  This can show that your business is fluid and flexible, and no one is tied down to just one position.

Of course, it doesn’t matter what your business card says if you aren’t sharing it with anyone.  The point of the business card is to help people remember who you are after you have had a conversation with them.  Your business card alone is not going to get you new business – unless your job is creating business cards.

What do you have on your card, and why did you choose it?


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