Cut Your Job Search Time in Half, Interview with Sean Harry |

I interviewed Sean Harry from Career Management Solutions the other day to talk to him about his brand new Careers 2.0 eLearning product.

Sean has been running workshops around Portland for job-seekers over the last 4 years. And he has helped hundreds of people find out what their strengths are, develop a strategic plan and get them the job of their dreams.

So after many months of recording, video production and review, he has made these workshops available to folks outside of Portland in a VERY affordable way. In fact, he is giving away the first 20 videos for free. Check out this interview. I’m sure you will find it interesting and fun!

I already had one client go through all of the free videos about 3 times. And she is going crazy with joy. She told me that she is FINALLY able to articulate what she does and her job search is just on a roll.

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