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confidence, positive thinking, seventeen, ideas, finding a jobThe process of finding a job can suck the life out of you. It can drain your best parts. When you need them most. Here are ways to get them back.

Of course to embark on the “getting them back” journey, you have to realize that you’ve lost them in the first place.

That’s the first hurdle.  Because losing confidence doesn’t happen all in one day.  And it doesn’t get reported on a computer screen as if you were playing a video game.

There’s no “confidence bar” that tells you when you’ve lost 25 or 50 percent of your strength after a piece of bad news or a bad interaction with someone in your network.

Good thing too as the knowledge of any loss could put you in an immediate tail spin.  Since “confidence lost” becomes worry and concern.  And sometimes panic.

So today I’m going to share 17 ways to re-fill your tank.  Bonus points, if you will.  Ready?

1.  Set weekly goals for yourself. And achieve the bulk of them.  Proving to yourself each week that you are getting somewhere reinforces your confidence.

2.  Add new people to your network. Career networking should never be static.  It must be dynamic – constantly changing.  New people equal new life and new extended networks.  And inevitably, new leads.

3.  Take a day off and help others. Doing so will breath new life into your effort.  And the help that you give others that day will come back and smile upon you.

4.  Pay attention to your small wins. Join my LinkedIn group and participate in a great discussion there.  About how paying attention to small wins can nudge up your self-belief.

5.  Re-write your elevator pitch. Add a new wrinkle that allows you to be better remembered.   Add a shorter or longer version that allows you to be ready for any situation.  Instead of trying to cram 90 seconds of “you” into 30.

6.  Write specific and tangible job search objectives. You can practice by signing up for my Watchlyst™.  And once you do, make sure you find ways to get your new objectives communicated to your growing network.  As well as all the people who are already looking out for you.

7. Write a regular e-mail update to your network. Whether it is weekly or monthly, be consistent.  By reminding everyone of your continued candidacy, you keep them engaged and in your corner.  So few people do this.  And if you do, you will stand out.

8.  Remember your past victories. In addition to paying attention to victories within job search, also remember prior days when you were at your best.  We all had big days that defined us early on in our careers.  Go back and read your performance reviews or scan the awards on the wall of your home office.  You were great at least once or twice.  And will be great again soon.

9.  Find a career expert. Someone who can help guide you through this big challenge in life.  A career coach, resume writer or personal branding expert can help a great deal.  Whether you need a kick in the rear or a shoulder to lean on.

10.  Start (or join an existing) accountability group. Meet on Fridays to keep everyone in the group focused.  Focused on achieving their goals.  To avoid procrastination – the enemy of a successful job search.  And to keep your momentum strong.

11.  Add some new skills. Take a class in a related field.  Or take an advanced seminar.  Something you can talk about in your next interview.  Or draw from as you explain your strengths to a recruiter or HR person.

12.  Go do something good in the world. A few hours a week.  Volunteering during job search can be a confidence builder.  As you meet new people and build your influence in the community.

13.  Learn how to talk with strangers. If you get really good at conversing with new people.  You will naturally feel more comfortable each new time you come in contact with strangers.

14.  Have a purpose in everything you do while finding a job. Avoid impulsive behavior.  And make you are networking with a purpose.  And paying attention to those who can help you the most.

15.  Know thyself. Establish and live your own personal brand.  Follow bloggers like Ryan Rancatore, Thom Singer, Meg Guiseppi, Neal Schaffer who can help you define your message.  And put yourself in situations where you know you can succeed.

16.  Be totally ready to interview. Throw out your old ways and get yourself completely prepared.  Use smart interview prep tools and enjoy the knowledge that you have done everything you can to knock ‘em dead.

17.  Re-write your networking bio and create some new networking business cards. New personal marketing materials can boost you up like few other things.  Because you can touch them.  And give them to others.  They make you feel a bit new again.  Like a fancy new suit or pair of new shoes.

So there you are.  I hope you find these ideas helpful and practical.  Ones you can implement immediately. 

What are your ideas?

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