Zappos Booms with the Help of Social Media | Blog

Succesful social mediaSocial media is a powerful weapon for everyone, people and businesses alike. Though some use it to the point of their eventual demise, others put it to work to create the ultimate brand. Zappos has been the picture of perfection for years now. With happy customers and happy, motivated employees, they’re clearly doing something right.

Head of the Pack

Zappos was one of the first companies to create a Twitter aggregation page, which pulls up any mention of the company in this one place. There are tons of new mentions daily, and hardly any seem to be negative.  The CEO, Tony Hsieh, realized that to create a brand in this day and age, you can’t merely advertise on TV and get by solely on word of mouth. You need to accept the modern times, embrace them, and use them to your advantage. Anyone can blog about your company or take to their Twitter about their reactions to your brand, putting their personal opinions out there for the world to see. Zappos’ CEO says the company is very active on Twitter to allow followers and customers to get an inside look into the company’s culture. They truly strive to make connections with people, rather than merely promote, promote, promote.

Movie Stars

Zappos has mastered the idea of being social via social media. As a company, they not only keep their customers informed and happy, but they take the time to have some fun. Seriously, working for Zappos must be one of the most fun, coolest jobs. Have you seen their YouTube channel? It’s full of random videos of hilarity. Not only do they update regularly—they clearly have a lot of fun making these videos and making a good, lively name for Zappos—but they incorporate current trends in the media and entertainment, and make goofy videos with “tips” for work and everyday life. Their videos can really make anyone want to be part of that enthusiastic group!

It’s All About the Interactions

Tony and the rest of the Zappos crew realize actual human interaction is really important to running a successful business. The whole point of social media is to be social, so Zappos gets an A for their repeated and numerous attempts to really connect with their customers. They encourage people to write about them, good and bad, as long as it’s constructive and honest. They’re now offering tours of the Las Vegas headquarters, attracting college students and business owners alike. With contests like the free clothes giveaway for registering and starting up random conversations about anything in their Facebook fan page, their interactive spirit draws more and more loyal followers to the company daily.

Zappos Gets an A in Social Media

Everyone could learn a thing or two from Zappos’ social media interactions and campaigns. In a variety of mediums, the company comes across as personable, fun and really happy. Their main focus is their customers, interacting with them and keeping them satisfied.  Besides all the social media basics, all the employees thoroughly enjoy what they do. They like interacting on social media, they have fun talking to and helping customers, and they love providing some entertainment in their Facebook fan page and YouTube channel. All in all, Zappos is a company of pros when it comes to social media, and everyone can take a page from their book.

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