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Donald McMichaelI recently came across a great blog by Donald McMichael (@DonaldMcMichael)… he’s a business strategist with a strong background in finance.  His recent blog posts include:

Can you get a sense, just from the titles of those posts, about his passion and interest in business strategy?

If not, here’s his tag cloud:

Donald McMichael tag cloud

The words just jump out at you… image a recruiter, hiring manager or HR person looking at that tag cloud – it is very clear what Donald is interested in.

If that’s not enough, check out his well-scripted bio (down at the bottom of his website/blog):

Numbers Guy (Finance) by training. Business Development and Strategy (revenue models, partnerships, technology) by experience. Creative by heart. 

Donald McMichael has never been afraid of pushing himself. In fact, he thrives on it. Since his first year in business school at Duke, Donald has been working on projects that require him to stretch his thinking beyond convention. It is these critical-thinking and creative problem-solving skills that allow Donald to help organizations fulfill their potential. read more >>

Here’s the icing on the cake… check out his header:


Everyone says they are a problem solver, right?  Donald solves problems, too.  But he solves, perhaps specializes in solving, the TOUGHEST problems!

Great job Donald – this is fantastic stuff – solid content, great (simple) design, very on-brand and highlights you in a big way!

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